Hydrocyclone Systems

Including skids and controls.

Hydrocyclone skids

Once you/we determine the hydrocyclone arrangement needed for your process, ChemIndustrial can build it for you. By allowing us to build the assembly, you can avoid the cost of custom engineering and you can be sure that side issues receive proper consideration. Among these issues:

  • Minimize pressure drop
  • Orient of inlet(s) and outlet(s)
  • Balance parallel flows
  • Support the operating weight
  • Preserve maintenance access

Skid structures are usually built from square or rectangular AISI 304 stainless steel tubing in combination with our engineered hydrocyclone support members.

Hydrocyclone skids with controls

Variable flows and changing solids loading may require the hydrocyclone system to be equipped with sensors and control devices. ChemIndustrial provides hydrocyclone control packages. Or we can work with you to integrate hydrocyclone installations with your existing controls.