Hydrocyclone SS Manifold3 x 10mm stainless steel hydrocyclones arranged in a parallel manifold.

Need more capacity?

Hydrocyclone performance doesn’t scale well. If you have a hydrocyclone with satisfactory separation performance but you need twice as much capacity, you can’t just substitute a larger hydrocyclone. A larger hydrocyclone won’t do as good a job in removing your smaller particles.

In technical terms:
d50 cut is defined as the size of a particle, flowing into a hydrocyclone, that has a 50% chance of leaving either in the overflow or in the underflow. Particles larger than the d50 cut are more likely to exit via the underflow. Particles smaller than the d50 cut are more likely to exit via the overflow.

As a general rule, a hydrocyclone with a larger diameter will have a higher d50 cut than a hydrocyclone with a smaller diameter.

So: The answer to most scale-up problems is a hydrocyclone manifold with two or more like units in parallel.

ChemIndustrial can build hydrocyclone manifold systems and supports as required.