Polypropylene Hydrocyclone


Polypropylene has the broadest chemical resistance of any widely-used plastic and its tempature performance is sufficient for many processes.

Black polypro parts provide UV protection for outdoor installation.



3-inch Degassing Hydrocyclone

This polypro hydrocylone is configured for liquid-gas separation.  The polypro hand valves are typical of the system additions that can be provided by ChemIndustrial to smplify the customer's purchasing and installation tasks.



Hydrocyclone kit

ChemIndustrial offers standard and customized kits that contain a basic hydrocylone plus the parts needed to integrate it into a system.

Hydrocyclone kits generally include additional items such as:

  • support brackets
  • ball valves
  • un-bored orifice blanks the same length as the ball valves
  • body extensions at various diameters
  • els for optional reduction of overall height by turning the underflow and overflow connections
  • clamps, gaskets and miscellaneous mounting hardware

Several 1.5" polypropylene hydrocyclone

These polypro hydrocyclones illustrate how ChemIndustrial's modular parts philosophy can easily create multiple configurations.