Hydrocyclone Accessories

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3FLEX with box
3FLEX Nozzle                                          3FLEX Control Box

Plugging is a common problem in the hydrocyclone world. It occurs when one or more larger particles blocks the hydrocyclone’s underflow nozzle. ChemIndustrial’s 3FLEX nozzle (shown above) addresses this problem automatically, thus avoiding the need to manually disassemble the underflow to clear blockage.

During normal operation, the 3FLEX acts like a fixed nozzle, discharging the regular underflow mixture at an adjustable set rate. When a plugup occurs, it can be cleared by momentarily pulsing the nozzle to a larger diameter. In most cases, this clears the underflow and returns the hydrocyclone to normal service.

In many processes, the 3FLEX can be timer-operated. For example, by pulsing the 3FLEX once an hour just in case the nozzle has become blocked. The control box (shown above) is designed for this service. It is capable of periodically pulsing open one or several 3FLEX units. We can also configure manual 3FLEX controls.