Polyurethan HydrocyclonesFor removal of large particles at high flow rates, Hydrocyclone.com offers solid polyurethane hydrocyclones in diameters from 4” to 10”. The highest flow rate available with a single unit in this product line is 500 gpm (2000 liters/min) using a 10” (250 mm) hydrocyclone. Multiple hydrocyclones can be manifolded to achieve larger flow rates.

Manifold configurations are available.

Solid polyurethane hydrocyclones are particularly well-suited to withstand the effects of highly abrasive flow streams. Polyurethane outlasts stainless steel by as much as ten times.

Inlet and overflow connections are configured to provide installation flexibility. They are provided with internal threads (FNPT) and external Victaulic grooves. Underflows are provided with manually adjustable nozzles suitable for discharge into a vessel or launder.